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Strip All

Seal King’s Strip-All helps remove old or tainted sealer from surfaces. Just apply, wait and remove. This product can be used to strip sealer from paving stone and concrete.

Lacquer Thinner

Seal King’s Laquer Thinner is a multi purpose product and  is used traditionally to clean brushes, rollers, and paint spraying equipment.  Lacquer thinner also works well to clear up any…

Efflorescence Cleaner

Efflorescence is a salt found in the ground and in construction materials, such as brick, cement, lime, sand, clay, and mixtures. When the temperature rises, water moves to the surface….

Grease Release

Seal King’s Grease Release is a solvent based cleaner. It is specially formulated to remove oil, tar, coal tar, latex paint, adhesives, rubber, and acrylic driveway sealers from concrete surfaces.

Oil Off

Oil-Off is a specially formulated industrial strength degreaser that breaks down oil and grease on contact. It is biodegradable and garden friendly. Oil-Off is super concentrated so that it may…

Easy Strip

Seal King’s Easy Strip is an easy to use, high performance environmentally friendly, multi purpose gel stripper. It effectively removes old and tainted sealer and multiple layers of paint, varnish,…