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Efflorescence Cleaner

Efflorescence is a salt found in the ground and in construction materials, such as brick, cement, lime, sand, clay, and mixtures. When the temperature rises, water moves to the surface. As water evaporates, the salts are left behind, which you see as efflorescence.  Seal King’s Efflorescence Cleaner is specially formulated to remove ground efflorescence from paving stones.


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  • Formulated to dissolve efflorescence (whitish salt)
  • Removes ground in dirt
  • Brightens up the colour of the pavement stone
  • Does not contain muriatic acid


  • 2L/ 64 oz.
  • 18.9L/ 5 Gallons

Approx. 800 sq.ft. / 2L 64oz

PDF DownloadTDS Efflorescence Cleaner
PDF DownloadNettoyant efflorescence – fiche technique

PDF DownloadSK_EC – Efflorescence Cleaner
PDF DownloadNettoyant efflorescence – fiche de données de sécurité