Find sealer protection for your surface with Seal King sealers.

Paving Stone Products by Seal King

Paving Stone Protection

Paving Stone Sealer
Paving Stone Sealer Water Bourne
Polymeric Sand
Seal Grip
Brick and Block Adhesive
Wet Cast

Seal King

Natural Stone Protection

Natural Stone Sealer

Seal King

Concrete Protection

Concrete Cure and Seal
Concrete Cure and Seal Water Bourne
Spall Shield Water Repellent Concrete Sealer
Spall Shield Water Repellent Concrete Sealer Water Bourne
Basement Floor Sealer
Concrete Patch
Concentrated Bonding Agent
Cold Temperature Accelerator
Concrete Colour Koat

Seal King

Asphalt Protection

Asphalt Sealer
Oil Spot Primer
Rubberized Crack Filler
High Performance Asphalt Patch

Seal King

Wood Protection

Wood Sealer
Wood Stripper
Wood Conditioner
Wood Wash

Flooring by Seal King

Flooring Protection

Parquet Adhesive

Seal King


Oil Off
Grease Release
Rust Remover
Efflorescence Cleaner
Lacquer Thinner
Strip All
Easy Strip

Seal King

Other Sealers

Stucco Sealer Water Bourne
Masonry Water Bourne

Equipment recommended by Seal King


New Products by Seal King

New Products!

High Performance Asphalt Patch
Concrete Colour Koat
Easy Strip
Parquet Adhesive
Wet Cast