Here are some terms that we use to describe the characteristics of certain sealers we provide. Please familiarize yourself with these terms to help understand which product is best for your surface project.



Natural Look / Clear:
Invisible. Does not alter the appearance of the surface. Protects and leaves a natural finish.

Semi-Gloss / Colour Enhancer:
Enhances the color of the surface while protecting the stone or concrete. Leaves a mild gloss similar to a matte finish. Also recommended for a second application or for a surface that was previously sealed.

High Gloss:
Leaves a glossy wet-looking appearance.

The ultimate in protection and durability. Specially formulated for specific purposes.



Water Bourne:
Sealers that uses water as the volatile carrier for the solids of a coating.

Solvent Bourne:
Sealers that uses solvents to coat a surface.

Special Hybrid technology:
Contains special minute particles that penetrate and bond with superior adhesion to
existing oil-based sealers.