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Natural Stone Sealer

Seal King’s Natural Stone Sealer is a clear premium penetrating sealer specially formulated to protect and enhance the color of flagstone and natural stone surfaces. This sealer will protect against mildew, fungus, UV rays, oils, acid rain, salt, and efflorescence. It will also reduce chipping and cracking due to freeze/thaw cycles. This product also allows moisture vapor transmission.


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This video shows how to apply Seal King’s Natural Stone Sealer.

  • Protects against stains, dust, acid rain, mildew, fungus, UV rays, salt, oils, efflorescence and freeze/thaw cycles
  • For most natural stone including: limestone, slate, marble, granite, quarry tile and others (Sandstone – Natural Look only)
  • Reduces chipping, crumbling and cracking
  • Allows moisture vapor transmission
  • For outdoor use only
  • V.O.C. Compliant
  • Provides outstanding coverage


  • Natural Look
  • Colour Enhancer

Averages 800 sq. ft./1 gal.
Ranges from 250 – 2000 sq. ft./1 gal. depending on stone

PDF DownloadTDS Natural Stone Sealer
PDF DownloadScellant de pierre naturelle – fiche technique

PDF DownloadSDS Natural Stone Sealer
PDF DownloadScellant de pierre naturelle – fiche de données de sécurité

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